Arriba Bolivia!


After hundred of years of instability and oppression the indigenous people of Bolivia hope to be able to live a far more self-determined life with their first indigenous president Evo Morales.

In December 2005 Bolivia elected its first indigenous President. Evo Morales belongs to the Aymara natives. The democratically elected coca farmer union leader mistrusts the capitalism, because in Bolivia it ever meant colonialism and exploitation.

Bolivia is a landlocked country in the heart of South America. Prior to 2006, the Andean country was one of the countries that created worldwide the most alteration of presidents and suffered under a vast amount of military coups.

Accounting 62% of the population, indigenous Bolivians are the majority ethnic group in the country. It is one the poorest of the South American countries in spite of fabulous wealth of natural resources.

'Arriba Bolivia!' is my final work at university. I visited Bolivia twice in the first two years of Evo Morales presidency.