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WALLMAPU Tierra Mapuche


With almost 1,4 million members the Mapuche are Chile‘s largest indigenous minority.
Loss of land and strong discrimination forced them to live in poverty and smaller and smaller communities. Unable to subsist on their limited territory, many had to migrate into the towns.
Nowadays about 50% live in a city, almost 40% try to make a living in Santiago.
The Mapuche are in conflict with forest companies, energy multinational companies and big landowners.
„Mapuche“ means „People of the land“ in their Mapudungun language. „Wallmapu“ is the land of the Mapuche, spreading from central-southern Chile into parts of Argentina.
A story about the efforts to exist and to preserve nature and culture, the hopes and fights for lost ancestral land, social and political recognition and self-determination.

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